2021: a year of expansion!

We finished out 2021 with 3 new churches launched in last 2 weeks of December! Two in the mountains of Chiapas and one on the largest river in the lowlands of the State of Tabasco.

Launching a church under tarps in the pouring rain

Every location a new church has launched this year, someone has come forward and donated land to build a church and pastoral house.

This man was a trafficker and part of the rebels in Southern Mexico. He and his wife were radically saved 2 days before Christmas 2021!

The testimonies of salvations, miracles and healings are literally endless.

Currently, at the end of 2021, we have 7 churches in various stages of construction. From mountainous terrain being leveled, to walls being built, expansion projects and pastoral homes being put in place.

We have formed multiple ministry teams so there is continual discipleship and seasoned leadership working under Pastor Jose’s direction at each new church. Having a lot of workers enables teams to rotate and have time to rest.

In January, the ministry will expand into 3 parts. 1. A national church covering that any church can prayerfully join and be impacted by our vision, 2. Expansion of the Training Center that teaches Biblical theology, church history and trains pastors and evangelists, 3. Government recognized programs including clothing and food distribution along with basic trade training.

We ask that you would prayerfully consider giving to help us to continue this work. Anything is beneficial, a one time end of the year gift, or a monthly commitment. It is tax deductable. You will receive an end of year statement from “The Sower, Inc.”

Blessings and INCREASE! Scott and Emma McDonald


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