40th Anniversary in Chekubul

April 2017 we celebrated the 40th anniversary of the founding of the first church in Mexico!  It has come a long way and it is now the most beautiful facility in the town of Chekubul, Campeche, Mexico.   It is the parent church over dozens of churches all across Mexico!

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Emma and I were joined on this trip by my parents, Henry and Rita Pulsifer.   Many churches came together to honor the leaders and to honor our family.  It was very humbling.   The church in Chekubul fed hundreds of people throughout the meetings, and it was a huge celebration of the goodness of God!

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People came from all over the area, most of them had been saved because of my parents commitment to bringing the Gospel to this area.

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We honored Pastor Atilano and his wife Lupe for their many years of solid leadership.  At the same time, we were honored and humbled by the outpouring of love they showered on us!

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What followed was an awesome outpouring of the Holy Spirit as the churches worshiped as one.  Scott took dirt from the town and poured it on the altar and prophetically spoke into the church’s future.  Part of the word said, “You have been working and plowing the land, but now you are possessing the land.”

check 10.jpgcheck 9.jpg

In all, the three days of meetings was very fruitful, we left the church encouraged and ready to tackle the next 40 years!  The food, the fellowship, the siestas, the desserts, it was all simply amazing.   How great is our God!!

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